Scott Rockenfield
Drummer for Queensrÿche
"Michael has consistently delivered top notch graphic web design and
creative content...He is excellent at delivering high quality designs
with amazing turn around. I would recommend him to anyone
looking for an incredible and functional website design."

Michael Wilton
Guitarist for Queensrÿche

Pamela Moore
Professional Singer
"Michael is my current web designer. He is knowledgeable, caring and
quick. He stands by his work and gives 100 percent effort in all area
of production. Including him on your team is a PLUS."

A Bombastic Celebration Of Arena Rock! The ultimate 80's tribute band!

Evergreen Music Network

Free Fallin
America's Favorite Travelin' Tribute to Tom Petty!

Paul Speer
Grammy nominated guitarist, composer, and record producer

The Fireplace Doctor
Gas Fireplace Specialist
"Awsome experience. Right product,right price. Highly recommend!!!!!!! You
will not be disappointed. If you don't believe me check out my web site"

Nick Sharpe
Professional Magician

CDE Services Inc.
Construction • Demolition • Excavation

A-MAZE-N Products, LLC
Barbecue Smokin' Products

Ron Hocevar
Chif Deputy of Scott County Minnesota

Rob Steinmetz
Bloomington Lincoln Sales
"Michael is highly recommend! He has helped grow my car sales by
over 30%. Michael is just a call away and quick to help whenever I
need his expertise."

Dread Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin Muisic inna Reggae Style

Michael Lindgren has done work for our production company as a
Graphic Designer on several projects since 2010. His always a
pleasure to work with.

Our brand has always had to sand out due to nature of our concept,
and Michael's design standard's have been a perfect match for our company.
His attention to detail and layout are outstanding.

He is very creative and has the ability to think through the root of the design.
I have found that his use of color and font are insightful for each specific
application we are looking to achieve.

I highly Recommend Michal as a graphic designer

Greg 'Tortelvis' Tortell

Ladibugs Inc.
Lisa Rudquist, Co-Founder Ladibugs Inc.
Mike consistently delivers high quality work and is very creative. Always appreciate someone
willing to listen to our business needs and deliver our message we want consumers to see!



Updated June 10th, 2014